Static Noyze was founded in 2006 by five college friends who shared a common belief that through artistic innovation, unbridled passion and professional savvy, they could unleash a new kind of hip hop dance company on Boston, and eventually the world. The founders spent months discussing the beginnings of the company before even setting foot in a studio to begin rehearsals.

The group was received with great success and quickly became a well-known name in the Boston dance community. The formative years were spent developing recognition, building an audience, and refining the creative and administrative processes required to achieve the lofty goals of its directors.


In 2009, Static Noyze took first place at BU Fusion: Elements X in Boston MA. In January, Static Noyze 6 (a sub-unit of Static Noyze Dance Company) became finalists on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5. Since then, Static Noyze continues to produce innovative theatrical pieces, and has performed and competed at several auspicious events such as Prelude EC, World of Dance NY, The Main Event, and TEDx Boston. Now featuring over twenty incredible dancers of various ages with various skills and talents, Static Noyze is determined to continue its climb, proving that through love, passion, dedication, and a little bit of common sense, a hip hop dance company can be and do far more than anyone could have ever imagined!



-Prelude East Coast 2014: 1st Place


-World of Dance Boston 2014: 3rd Place and Best Theme


-World of Dance New Jersey 2014: 1st Place and Best Theme


-Elements XIV 2014: 1st Place


-Prelude East Coast 2013: 2nd Place


-World of Dance Boston 2013: 2nd Place, Best Theme, and Best Costume


-World of Dance New York 2013: 3rd Place and Best Theme


-Prelude New York 2013: 2nd Place


-Elements XIII 2013: 2nd Place 


-PRIDE 5 2012: 1st Place 


-World of Dance New York 2012: 1st Place and Best Theme


-Elements XII 2012: 3rd Place


-MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 Finalists - Static Noyze 6


-Elements X 2009: 1st Place